Bringing "Bobbie of Silverton" Home

In the early years of the last century, Silverton Bobbie (also known as Bobbie the Wonder Dog) came home the hard way, crossing nearly three-thousand miles of American roadways, prairies, and mountains on foot. His story speaks of the degree to which he felt drawn to the small Willamette Valley town where he lived his days in the company of family and friends.

A few years after completing his now legendary journey, Silverton’s beloved dog passed away, and the decision was made to lay him to rest in the Oregon Humane Society’s pet cemetery, located in northeast Portland. While the reasons for this choice may have made sense in the past, motivated by a variety of dignitaries and family members, and based upon the sentiments of that time, they make little sense in the present.

Over the years since his death, Silverton Bobbie’s story has been told and retold both locally and nationally. The little town of Silverton has embraced his legacy fully. Memorials have been built and murals have been painted to honor his memory. Parades have been marched in his name and days organized to celebrate his legacy. Articles and books have drawn countless newcomers to visit “Bobbie’s hometown.” And yet, the Wonder Dog has yet to complete his final journey home.

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